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von Berkau, Carsten; Lecholo, Keabetswe Sylvia ; Fach: Betriebswirtschaftslehre;

The Accounting-Intro is a clear guidance for bookkeeping. The syllabus is based on the preparatory course as taught in many universities worldwide before Financial Accounting classes start. Although bookkeeping is no academic discipline it can be seen as a language for management. Profound knowledge in preparing financial statements and proper posting experiences are regarded as the foundation of a good Accountant and a successful manager. On more than 500 pages and by 45 chapters grouped in 4 parts the Accounting-Intro covers the basic bookkeeping entries and familiarise you with the financial statements along IFRSs. The authors provide the second edition of their text book which comes with a lot of case studies to explain the business activity postings. Accounting will be taught from the scratch on. Part (A) explains Accounting from an investor’s point of view, part (B) contains basic bookkeeping entries and enables the reader to prepare financial statements along IFRSs. Part (C) covers further Accounting cases which become relevant in business practice as discount postings, liquidations, asset disposals, inventory systems etc. The new part (D) contains more complex case studies in order to provide the “full picture”. Berkau/Lecholo wrote the text book in 3 colours. Normally, the text is black, blue text is for case studies and the new section “How it is done” is printed in green. The case studies contain all bookkeeping entries with all T-accounts in detail. With the calculations provided it becomes very easy to follow the cases. The green text parts come across like a recipe in a cooking book which provides you with a clear direction for Accounting. The Accounting-Intro is for Accounting classes and is written in English in order to meet the demands of foreign students. It also applies in order to bridge the knowledge gab that exists for German students who learned Deutsche Buchhaltung and are about to attend Accounting classes based on International Accounting Standards IFRSs.
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ISBN 9783846301517
UTB-Titelnummer D0151
Auflagennr. 2nd Edition
Erscheinungsjahr 2014
Erscheinungsdatum 08.08.2014
Einband Nein
Formate Download
Originalverlag UVK/Lucius
Umfang 532 S.

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