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Ernst, Dietmar

Ernst, Dietmar

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dietmar Ernst ist Professor für Corporate Finance an der European School of Finance an der Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt (HfWU) in Nürtingen.
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  1. International Business Valuation  

    International Business Valuation

    von Erasmus, Pierre; Ernst, Dietmar

    International business valuation has become a vital part of today’s international corporate finance activities. Within the scope of continued globalization, financial experts face the perpetual challenge of measuring country-specific risks and including these risks in valuation models.

    This book is based on the fundamental principle of traditional business valuation and demonstrates how companies and business units are to be assessed outside their domestic markets. It presents different approaches of modelling a country risk premium as developed by investment banks and auditing companies and explains how an international corporate assessment is being conducted using South Africa as an example of an emerging/high growth market.
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