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Gallagher, John D.

John D. Gallager lehrt als Anglist an der Universität Münster.
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  1. Writing in English: A Guide for Advanced Learners  

    Writing in English: A Guide for Advanced Learners

    von Siepmann, Dirk; Gallagher, John D.; Hannay, Mike; Mackenzie, Lachlan

    This book offers practical advice and guidance to German-speaking undergraduates and academics who aspire to write in English. It also provides valuable assistance to editors, examiners and teachers who conduct English courses for intermediate or advanced students.

    It consists of four modules and is rounded off with a subject index and a glossary. Making extensive use of authentic texts, the authors adopt a contrastive approach and focus on the major problems encountered by Germans writing in English.

    This second edition has been revised, updated and expanded to include, among other things, a new section on coordination and listing as well as new lexico-grammatical material that writers can put to immediate use and benefit.

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